4 Reasons why you should invest in Regular over Direct Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have 2 categories- Direct and regular mutual funds. The direct mutual funds can be brought directly from the asset management company. Regular mutual funds are brought from an intermediary. Direct vs regular mutual fund is a long-debated topic. Before going into that, let’s know what direct and regular mutual funds are. Direct Mutual […]

6 Reasons why you need a super top-up health insurance

A health insurance policy has become the need of the hour in recent times. The pandemic has led us all to realise the value of financial backup in grave conditions that can put our well-being at stake! Insurance companies are covering these needs with comprehensive plans and benefits. One such plan is the super top-up […]

Tips For Optimizing Your Online Accounting Software

There are various functions across which online accounting software can be a boon for any business. This may read like a misleading statement – “How can an accounting software affect other functions?” You may ask – but the truth is that when one part of the machinery starts moving in a more optimized manner, it […]

Contract for Difference: How to Make the Most of CFDs

So you’ve decided to invest in the stock market. Congratulations! This is a great decision that can lead to financial stability and freedom down the road. But before you start buying stocks, you need to learn about a contract for difference or CFDs. This blog post will discuss what CFDs are and how they work. […]