How to trade futures online in Singapore

Trading in futures contracts exposes investors to various markets, including stocks, commodities, and currencies. Futures can be traded online in Singapore through the Singapore Exchange (SGX) or other online trading platforms. If you want to start trading futures online in Singapore, this guide will provide an overview of how to get started.

What is futures trading?

Before beginning futures trading online, it’s essential to understand what they are and how they differ from other types of investments. A future contract is an agreement between a buyer and seller, where one agrees to buy or sell a set amount of assets at a predetermined price on a specified date. The underlying asset could be anything from a physical commodity, such as gold or oil, to financial instruments like stocks or currencies.

When trading futures online in Singapore, one must first open an account with an authorised broker. Many brokers are available online, and it’s essential to perform due diligence before selecting a broker. Ensure that the broker is authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and offers services suitable to your needs.

Once an account has been opened, a margin deposit must be deposited with the broker. This money serves as collateral against any potential losses incurred while trading futures. The initial deposit amount required will vary depending on the type of contract being traded and can range from 5% to 20% of the contract’s total value. Additionally, some brokers may require additional fees or commission charges to trade futures online in Singapore.

Understanding how pricing works when trading futures online in Singapore is essential. Prices are available in Singapore; each will have different fees and requirements for opening an account. It is essential to research the various brokers before choosing one that best suits your needs. Generally speaking, more established brokers may charge higher fees, but they often provide better service. When opening an account, you must provide information such as proof of identity and address, which can take several days to complete.

Once the trading account has been opened, you can research the available markets through SGX or other online trading platforms. The SGX has several markets, such as equity indices, commodities, currencies, etc. Understanding the risks and rewards associated with each market before investing in futures contracts is essential.

Once you have chosen a market to invest in, it’s time to select a strategy. Various strategies can be used when trading futures contracts online, including day trading (buying and selling contracts within the same day) or position trading (holding onto a contract for an extended period). Before selecting one, understanding the different strategies and how they might affect your returns is essential.

Finally, various tools are available for researching and analysing markets on the SGX or other trading platforms. These include charting tools and technical indicators that can be used to identify entry and exit points for trades. Additionally, there are news feeds and other sources of information that can help inform trading decisions.

The advantages of trading futures online in Singapore

One of the main advantages of trading futures online in Singapore is that it can offer access to various markets, including stocks, commodities, and currencies. This access provides investors with increased diversification for their portfolios. Additionally, as futures are traded through an exchange, the prices are transparent and competitively priced. This transparency eliminates counterparty risk, as the contracts are only executed when both parties agree to the terms.

Furthermore, many brokers in Singapore offer low commission fees and tight spreads, allowing investors to keep more profits and reduce transaction costs associated with online trading futures. Additionally, many brokers provide advanced tools such as charting software which facilitates technical analysis, providing investors with more insight into their investments.

Finally, many brokerages also provide educational materials such as tutorials, webinars and other resources aimed at helping traders to increase their knowledge and skillset in trading futures online., benefiting those starting or experienced traders looking to learn new strategies and techniques.


Trading futures online in Singapore can allow access to different markets and potentially generate profits from market movements. Before embarking on this journey, it is essential to understand the risks associated with investing in futures contracts and select a broker that offers services suitable to your needs. Additionally, ensure you have adequate capital to cover potential losses while trading futures online in Singapore. With all these considerations in mind, you should be well-informed enough to start your foray into the world of futures trading.

Post Author: Callie Josue