Instant Tax Service Franchise Review


To know Instant Tax Service we have to return to it’s original beginnings. Fez Ogbazion, a youthful university student from Ethiopia was searching for that American Dream. He began by searching to satisfy a necessity locally, one which is needed individuals with the things they value most, time.

The necessity he saw was for any tax preparation service which was local and never a stuffy boring place, rather one which was relaxing and warm and friendly. This idea began as instant Refund Tax Service, until he was purchased with a competitor in 1999, which permitted him the main city to start Instant Tax Service. The organization started franchising in 2004 now may be the fourth largest tax preparation company in the united states.

Franchise Benefits

Just like any franchise system the advantages of opening an immediate Tax Service Franchise includes the opportunity to connect to the system that was already developed. This enables that you should concentrate on building and growing your brand with no operational struggles of attempting to tweak your concept.

Additional benefits include, national brand recognition, property partnerships allowing the franchisees to function in smaller sized footprints, which reduces expenses. Training features a comprehensive instant tax service franchise training, all year round support and both local and national advertising cooperatives.

The first training is really a 5 . 5 day training at the organization headquarters.

Franchise Costs

Instant Tax Service franchise has got the typical costs involved with franchising which includes a preliminary fee and also on going royalty charges compensated to the organization. The first fee is $34,000 and it has a 5 year renewable contract.

The continuing royalty fee is 20%, what this means is in case your business produces $10,000 in a single month you’d pay $2000 to the moment Tax Service Franchise company. This can be a substantial fee also it is removed the very best line sales, and that means you pay that 20% before you decide to pay other expenses, thus even if you’re operating inside a internet loss you’ll pay that fee towards the franchisor.

The entire believed price of the franchise is $39,000 – $89,000, including your charges, permits, leasehold enhancements, equipment along with other necessary products to spread out your company. Just like any business you are taking on high-risk of failure, with today’s competitive market and unsure economy this risk is substantial.


The Moment Tax Service franchise is really a legitimate business and fulfills a requirement inside our communities. Should you like the tax service business and the opportunity to with time effort and it might decide to try increase your brand this might meet your needs exactly. If you’re uncertain about quitting your work, investing your time and efforts right into a business full-time you might want to think about a business that you could begin part-time and acquire substantial return.

Are you aware that greater than 80% of franchises fail and individuals who start their franchise finish in debt employed by many years to repay it. Learn the best way to steer clear of the high-risk and starting costs of the traditional franchise business.

Post Author: Callie Josue