Ways to Sell Your Jewelry to Your Area Pawn Shops

There might be times when you have to earn money quickly, and thinking about where to sell my jewelry, a pawn shop is the only idea that comes in mind. A pawn shop is in the business of lending money against items of value, which they hold if you don’t repay the loan. Jewelry is one of the items pawn shops will take in return for a loan. While you won’t get close to the money, your items are worth, going into a pawn shop equipped with a little knowledge can assist you with getting the best deal you can.

So if you are doing such a significant exploration of where can I sell my jewelry, go for the pawn shop you find attractive with keeping the tips in your mind mentioned below.

Know the Value

Knowing the value of your jewelry won’t get you what your jewelry is worth; however, knowing its value gives you the ability to bargain for more money. If you have no clue about what the jewelry you need to pawn is worth, you need to take the word of the pawn brokers or attendee, which may not generally be precise.

Know Its Demand

Pawn broker sticks with jewelry he can sell quickly. Even though you might plan to recover the pawned item later, the broker consistently thinks of what to do if he needs to sell it. The broker may turn you down because he believes he can’t dispose of it. Gold is in every case best; however, he’ll probably purchase sterling silver.


The clerk at the pawn shop will likely offer you a price for your jewelry and disclose to you that it is as high as he will go. You can regularly get more than what gets offered, which is where it’s essential to know the value. You can’t request more money if you don’t have any idea of what the jewelry is worth. Try not to hope to get full value for your jewelry; however, with a little persistence, it’s possible to get more than is offered.

Avoid Desperation

Even if you need the money badly, it is advisable not to visit a pawnshop with desperation written on your face. If you show the person you’re dealing with that you are desperate for money, this will place you in a lower bargaining position. The clerk will probably know you will be bound to settle in the end.

Attractive Presentation

Get your jewelry look as attractive and presentable as possible. If you have the original packaging, bring it with you. Clean your jewelry. Many pawn shop operators know how to pass judgment on the worth of jewelry, yet even expensive jewelry will not be as likely to bring you more money if it is in poor or dirty shape.

Clean It Up

Baking soda restores the jewelry’s original luster without damaging the surface. Put some baking soda in your palm, include water, and mix it until it forms a paste before applying it to the jewelry. Scrub tenderly with your fingers and rinse it off. You’d be surprised how well it removes tarnish and helps your piece shine.

Gold Prices

Remember the current gold prices. If you have gold jewelry and gold prices are high, you might have the option to get more money for your jewelry by offering it to a facility that buys explicitly gold. Remember that this option is for the jewelry you would prefer not to return for. These facilities are purchasing the gold, which they will at that point process and resell. This option may not be best if the jewelry has diamonds and different gems because you’ll just get paid for the gold.

Post Author: Callie Josue